Organic Baby Food

Hooray for Ella’s Kitchen baby food! This oh-so-convenient yummy and healthy baby food is 100% organic. It all comes in scrummy pouches. Must buy for working moms that does not have much time to prepare healthy meals for their babies. It’s baby’s ‘fast food on-the-go.’
The story of Ella’s kitchen started when Paul Lindley, a father who is very concerned about the food his daughter, Ella, was eating. His passion to be able to provide children a healthier food option drove him to create this fun, yet healthy and organic food line for children like Ella. In Ella’s kitchen, they believe that eating can be fun, tasty, and cool for kids!
Each pouch contains a blend of different veggies and or fruits, making them perfect for baby’s first steps on the weaning journey. It will be easier for parents, especially moms, to introduce food to the baby without having a hard time since the taste profiles are proven to be very delicious. Hence, the baby will not be picky and moms would not have to resort to fast food or less healthy options.
Furthermore, Ella’s Kitchen has won M&B Award. Featured in this blog Mother&Baby, many moms like Jennifer Todd, Laura Gates and Megan Tag love this product because of the fact that it is organic and no added preservatives. It comes in convenient packaging, which makes it easier to feed the kids, anytime and anywhere.
Ella’s Kitchen baby food is organic, and we know how everyone feels when they hear or read that it’s organic. It equates to Safe, Sure and Satisfying!

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