Multi-functional Moisturizer Loved by Celebrities


Featured in Instyle, these celebrities Julia Roberts, Adele and Victoria Beckham loved this Weleda Skin Food Moisturizer.



Look even Ed Sheeran has been using this cream and he made a cover of Weleda Skin Food Cream Product. 

Why do they love this beauty secret of Weleda?

Since 1926, Weleda Skin Food was introduced to its natural plant extract formula that gives soft, supple, hydrated skin. Feed your skin with its organic ingredients and you have no regrets of using it.

Let’s take a look at some of its featured ingredients that works wonder on every skin type.

Rosemary Leaf Extract – It is known that this plant has revitalizing, stimulating and warming action, improving circulation properties. 

 Calendula Flower – has a long list of traditional medicinal uses and this outstanding strength is contradictory to a Calendula plant’s own vulnerability to water imbalance.
Chamomile Extract – This flowers are gentle and soothing on skin. This is ideal for delicate or sensitive skin. It is often in combination with calendula for gentle skin care.


Skin Food is made with 100% certified natural all-rounder  


One Skin Cream for your Every Needs.   

  • Use it as nourishing cream for hands, elbows, knees and heels.

  • As a face mask to replenish your tired skin

  • Dark Circle Under Eyes treatment

  • Nourishes chapped lips

  • Easy cuticle care for a nail spa

  • Makeup primer

  • Slather on your body as lotion to revitalizes tired skin

  • Highlight cheekbones

  • Treat split ends

Celebrating 90 years of Weleda Skin Food  

See for yourself. It’s time for you to switch and be enhanced with the best ever cream of Weleda Skin Food.

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