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We are Carlo Pacific

Philippines’ First Curated Lifestyle Marketplace

Curated Lifestyle Marketplace

Carlo Pacific is the first lifestyle curated marketplace in the Philippines.

Our personal shoppers
worldwide, help us curate
quality products, that Filipinos love to have.

Servicing Filipinos over 30 years

Carlo Pacific is owned by Forex Cargo, Inc.,  the founding father of balikbayan box delivery, that has been serving Filipinos for over 30 years.

Access to Authentic Products

With Forex Cargo Inc.’s network worldwide, Carlo Pacific is all about access to authentic lifestyle products at
decent prices.

Why are we Carlo Pacific

Carlo is a persona representing a curator of products, a name common across all continents.

Pacific, as in the Pacific ocean, represents the depth that Carlo Pacific goes to curate products and provide consumers, (even in hard-to-reach locations),
access to such products.

We Value


We uphold each TRUST given to us with utmost importance by providing a high level of customer service and by keeping all valuable information secured.


Honesty is key to a long and lasting relationship, and we intend to have that with you. You can count on us to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.


We believe that by being transparent, it is easier to achieve our purpose. It is with conscious effort that we make all relevant information accessible to Carlo Pacific community.