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Tom's of Maine:

Goodness Report
We're a company of hikers and mountain bikers and parents who enjoy being at the beach or on a river with our kids. For more than 45 years, we've been inspired to make natural, effective products for our family and yours while nurturing the enviroment.

Here's a look at some of the ways we're making a difference in our work and our world.:

OUR GOAL: Maintain cruelty-free animal-free product standard

Maintain no artificial colors, flavors, fragrances or preservatives. Reduce waste to landfill per ton of product manufactured at our Sanford, ME manufacturing facility. Progress in 2013 and 2014 surpassed our original 2015 goal of 75 kg/ton. So close to zero waste! Keep an eye on us to see how we get all the way there! Increase the amount of recycled and reused materials expressed as a percentage of the total waste generated at our Sanford, ME manufacturing facility. Reduction of virgin materials as a percentage of packaging weight. Good news! We have a new Packaging Engineer that joined Tom's of Maine this year. He's helping us find new sustainable ideas and going to help us set a new goal. Stay tuned!

Giving Back Goals Tracker

OUR GOAL: Transform 100% of our corporate philanthropy to consumers and employee teams. We give back 10% of our profits to the community. In 2015, even more of where that donation went was determined by you via our 50 States for Good program. Thanks for helping us make a difference!

NEW Employee Health Goals Tracker

OUR GOAL: We're always looking at ways to help our team maintain and improve their health through our year-round wellness initiatives. Here we track the percentage of employees who participate in these programs.

Employee Volunteering Goals Tracker

OUR GOAL: Continually mobilize and empower more employees to use the 5% Volunteer Benefit (12 full days per year). Tom's of Maine holds a company-wide annual volunteer day each summer in which we have 90% participation. However, we're working to get employees to volunteer more often year-round!

Energy Goals Tracker

OUR GOAL: Reduce carbon emissions from transportation of our finished products (in kilograms of CO2 per ton shipped). This is an increase from 2013 because of the delivery logistics to more outlets on the West Coast. We use rail to get most product across the country, but we still need trucks for some shipments. We're on it, though, and working on a plan to fix it to meet our goal.

Energy Goals Tracker

OUR GOAL: Reduce carbon emissions from our Sanford, ME manufacturing facility (in kilograms of CO2 per ton produced).

Energy Goals Tracker

OUR GOAL: Partner with our contract manufacturers to reduce their energy use and carbon emissions.

Water Goals Tracker

OUR GOAL: Reduce overall water consumption in our Sanford, ME manufacturing facility.

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