Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help.

My Account

Do you want to create an account?

Yes, I’m sure you do. You will need to create an account to be able to shop in Carlo Pacific. This will allow you to shop with us without the hassle of filling out details every time you want to make a purchase. You can create a new account here. But, if you don’t want to do this yet, you can continue shopping and proceed with account creation when you checkout.

Do you want to change details on your account?

You may change details in your account by logging in. Just click on ‘Edit’ and make the necessary changes you want. Make sure you click ‘Save’ and note the changes you made.

Did you forget your password?

Stay calm. Go back to the Log in page and click on the ‘Forgot password’ link and we’ll help you from there. If you still encounter problems and we are not directing you clearly, send us an email at and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Did you forget your username or registered e-mail address?

Don’t worry! I’m sure we can help you with the username or email address you registered. Send us an email at and we’ll help you from there.

Do you want to subscribe/unsubscribe from our newsletter/e-mailer?

We know that you want to be updated with the hottest deals and new promotions that we have here on Carlo Pacific, and we’re more than excited to share it with you. Just go to our homepage and scroll down at the bottom, type in your email on that box, and we’ll make sure to stay in touch.

To unsubscribe, check one of our newsletter emails in your inbox, at the bottom of the page, we usually ask if you want to ‘unsubscribe’, click on it, and we’ll take note of your request. You can always change your mind and subscribe again.

Gone Shopping!

Do you want to know about the latest products?

We always keep you updated with our latest products and promotions thru our newsletter and we post it on Carlo Pacific homepage so you won’t miss it.

Do you want to cancel your order/s?

As much as we want to help you, all placed orders are final. Before checking out, please make sure of your orders. We’re pretty sure you’ll like the items and find a need for it. In the end, it will still be worth it.

Do you want to know why some item/s disappear from your cart?

A lot of shoppers actually like the same item/s and all of them want to get a hold on it first. Don’t think someone stole it. You might have accidentally left the item/s unattended. We suggest that when you put something in your cart, proceed immediately to check out and finalize your order/s.

My Payment Options

Do you want to know about the different ways to pay?

We always want transactions to be easy and convenient as possible.That’s why we are offering the following options:

  • Cash on Delivery (COD) – currently available to buyers with shipping address in Greater Manila areas
  • PayPal – this safe online payment method is available for those who do not carry cash around
  • Dragonpay – the different payment options for online banking, over-the- counter bank transaction, and over-the-counter non-bank transaction will be available soon
  • Credit Card – this credit or debit card payment option is something that we are working on
Do you want to make sure that your payment went through?

Like in any transaction, you will receive your confirmation email with the details of your order/s. Check your inbox, as well as spam or junk mail to make sure it doesn’t stay unnoticed. If by any chance you did not get a confirmation email, inform us immediately by sending an email to and we’ll help you from there.

Do you want to know how to do Cash on Delivery (COD)?

If you have chosen the COD payment method, you need to remember the following:

  • COD payments are only available within Metro Manila
  • We will be sending you an SMS message and email confirming your order’s delivery date and we need you to reply to these messages with your confirmation
  • We send off your packages and deliver them with care to your doorstep. Please be prepared with the exact amount of your purchase as our delivery guys won’t have change.
  • In the event that you will not be in the address on the date and time specified, you may have someone receive the order and pay the exact amount stated in your Sales Invoice that we have sent you. We will assume that you have authorized a person you trust and we will not be liable for any loss or damage to the product after it has been received.
  • All orders are final once it has been confirmed. We can no longer do any cancellation at this point. If you refuse to accept the order/s after confirmation and us having to deliver it to you, we will need to take away your opportunity to use the COD payment method.
  • We want all transactions to be free of hassle and we hope you do the same. We will only deliver ONCE. If for some reason you are unable to receive or have someone receive your order/s, this will go back to our warehouse and you will lose the opportunity to use the COD payment method. Hopefully, this won’t happen!

My Delivery

Do you want to know where we deliver?

Currently, we are delivering to Greater Manila areas.  We are expanding nationwide! Stay tuned.

Do you want to know how fast we can deliver?

We know how excited you are to receive your curated lifestyle products, that’s why we will make sure that you get your order/s sourced worldwide,  within 8 days within Greater Manila areas, upon confirmation of your order/s.  we appreciate your patience.

Do you want to know our policy on Returns, Refunds, and Exchanges?

We accept returns, refunds, or exchanges for products received with defect or damage only within 7 days upon receipt of your order. Products should be in its original condition when purchased and must not be used.  Send us an email at of the description of your problem and attach pictures of the damaged or defective product. If by any chance you received the wrong product, email us at and we will send you the right product as soon as we can! Sale items are non-refundable and non-returnable.

Do you want to follow up on your order/s?

If you’re wondering why we have not yet delivered your order/s, maybe something went wrong. Send us an email at with the subject:

Help! Order #________

And we will figure out with you what went wrong or what caused the delay.