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Alter Eco 6 Packs Organic Pearl Heirloom Quinoa 12oz

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Organically Grown, Hand-Cultivated
Gluten Free
A Good Source of Protein & Fiber
USDA Organic
An Excellent Source of Folate & Phosphorus

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Organic Pearl Heirloom Quinoa

There’s only one “quinoa real”, or royal quinoa, and it’s grown on Bolivia’s arid, volcanic Salar De Uyuni salt flat. Revered by ancient Incas as “chisaya mama” (chee-sa-waya ma-ma) or “mother grain,” this heirloom nutritious source is fluffier, nuttier and without the bitterness so common to lesser grades. Just one spoonful, and you’ll see why it should be the only quinoa that graces your plate.

*Our quinoa is packaged in a fully compostable 12 ounce bag.

100% organic royal white quinoa

Suggested Use
1 cup quinoa + 1 1/2 cups liquid = 4 servings

Rinse quinoa under cold water until water runs clear. Place quinoa and water or stock in a medium saucepan.

Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer, cover and cook until liquid is absorbed and germ has spiraled out, about 15 minutes.

Flavor tip: Before adding liquid, saut? quinoa in pan with a dash of olive oil until slightly toasted, about five minutes.

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