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Childlife Essentials Probiotics with Colostrum 90tablets

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Natural Mixed Berry Flavor

ChildLife Essentials Probiotics with Colostrum (chewable) is the only product combining the following highly potent ingredients for a three step approach to health.

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How To Use:
For Ongoing Maintenance and Support
For Children 2 – 4 yrs: 2 – 3 tablets daily
For Children 5 – 12 yrs: 4 tablets daily
Best to take on empty stomach, first thing in the morning.

For Extra Immune Support
May be provided 3-4 times daily to your child when extra immune support is needed to defend the body.

For Babies to Teenagers
ChildLife Essentials Probiotics with Colostrum (Chewable) may be given from age 2, continuing throughout the teenage years.

ChildLife Essentials offers all of the important vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants to give children the extra support and protection their developing minds and immune systems need.

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