Doctor’s Best Biotion 10,000mcg 120vcaps

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Doctor’s Best Biotin provides an ample dose of the B vitamin biotin that promotes healthy hair, skin and nails. Clinical observations of biotin deficiency shows its importance for the upkeep of healthy skin and hair, as well as for the immune and central nervous systems.* The body also uses biotin to produce energy and to efficiently utilize proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Since the body cannot make biotin it must be obtained from the diet. Clinical studies have found that biotin supplementation helps improve the hair, skin, and nails.*

  • Doctor’s Best Biotin helps support healthy hair, skin and nails.*
  • Helps support gene regulation and DNA integrity*
  • Helps support essential enzyme functions*
  • Non-GMO / Gluten Free / Soy-Free / Vegetarian / Vegan

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