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Luna Protein 12 Packs Mint Chocolate Chip 1.59oz

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The way we eat makes a difference in how we feel. Food feeds our souls, lifts our spirits, nourishes and sustains us. So, why does finding the right thing to eat sometimes seem so complicated? With organic ingredients, vitamins to meet the special needs of our bodies, and flavors we love, LUNA makes finding nourishment a bit simpler.

LUNA has always believed in the power of women. Championing them in all their pursuits from day one. Equality won’t happen overnight, but we can get closer every day. We support women’s equality today and every day and we won’t stop until equal is equal.

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70% Organic
12 g of Soy Protein
Entirely Natural Ingredients
Good source of Fiber, Iron, Vit D, Antioxidants
Good Source of Antioxidants

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Weight 22.2 oz
Dimensions 17.5 × 14.2 × 7.3 cm


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