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Navitas Organics 6 Pack Organic Camu Powder 3oz

USD 101.86

Plant Based Superfood
20 calories per serving
No added sugar
10x the Vitamin C than 1 Orange
Tart Cherry-Like Flavor
No Fillers or Additives
Organic – Non GMO – Kosher – Gluten-Free – Vegan

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Navitas Organics Camu Powder is a red-orange powder with a tart berry flavor that blends well with fruits, juices or sweeteners. Camu Powder also makes a superb addition to juices, smoothies, yogurt, and fruit-based vinaigrettes for salads.

With as much as 60 times more Vitamin C per serving than an orange, the Camu Berry is one of the world’s most abundant sources. This antioxidant-rich berry from the Amazon is also a plentiful source of potassium, calcium, protein, beta carotene, amino acids, and powerful phytochemicals.

Suggested Use
Boost – Blend – Stir

Use in smoothies, yogurt, cereal, desserts and dressings

Other Ingredients
Certified organic camu camu powder (myrciaria dubia).

Additional information

Weight 30.34 oz
Dimensions 29.97 × 24.89 × 12.7 cm


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