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Navitas Organics 6 Packs Organic Matcha Powder 3oz

USD 100.43

Plant-Base Superfood
5 Calories – Plant Amino Acids – Low Temp – Dried – Per 1 g Serving
Premium Green Tea Powder
Lush Earthy Flavor
Supports Balance & Vitality
Organic – Non GMO – Kosher – Vegan

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Navitas Organics Matcha is a finely ground powder of only the highest quality, young green tea leaves. Unlike steeping traditional green tea leaves in water, when you enjoy Matcha, you are drinking the greenest, most tender parts of the leaves. This, along with the fact that our Matcha is sourced from the highest grade green tea and selected by hand for exceptional quality, accounts for its rich flavor and nutritional potency. The nutritional and antioxidant content in one cup of Matcha equals about 10 glasses of green tea.

Matcha has a distinctly earthy flavor that is reminiscent of green tea, but is more vibrant and intense.

Matcha is known to support energy and alertness while simultaneously calming and balancing. Its rare combination of nutrients make it a daily superfood must-have.

Navitas Organics Matcha is perfect for preparing traditional Matcha green tea or for making Matcha lattes. It can also be added to smoothies, cereals, yogurt or baking recipes for a feel-good, nutritious boost.

Suggested Use
Stir • Blend • Boost

Add to Smoothies
Make Matcha Lattes
Stir In Baking Recipes

Other Ingredients
Certified organic matcha leaf powder (camellia sinensis).

Storage Information: Refrigeration not required. Store in a cool, dark, dry place.

Additional information

Weight 3.88 oz
Dimensions 18.8 × 12.95 × 1.27 cm


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