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Navitas Organics 6 Packs Organic Wheatgrass Juice Powder 1oz

USD 92.84

Superfood – Premium, Nutrient-Dense Essentials
0 Calories, Vital Nutrient Boost, Freeze Dried Juice Per 0.5 g Serving
Plant-Based Superfood
Premium Juice Powder
50% Chlorophyll
Young Wheatgrass Blades
Organic – Non GMO – Kosher – Vegan

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Navitas Organics Wheatgrass Powder is made from only the young, green grass shoots that contain roughly 50% chlorophyll—the pigment that is the source of all plant energy and helps your body eliminate toxins. It also contains trace amounts of more than 70 minerals and vitamins, hundreds of live enzymes, essential amino acids and antioxidants.

One of the lowest-calorie and most nutrient-rich foods in the world, Wheatgrass has long been revered for its ability to cleanse the body, and stimulate a natural and healthy energy. Navitas Organics Wheatgrass Powder is made from the freshest, sweetest Wheatgrass juice that is freeze-dried to create a concentrated powder.

Making a daily Wheatgrass shot is as easy as mixing a small (1/4 tsp) soluble serving of the powder into an ounce or two of liquid and shaking to dilute. You can even mix a small amount of Wheatgrass Powder into any larger beverage of choice. Wheatgrass Powder can also be seamlessly mixed into salad dressings, smoothies and prepared sauces.

Suggested Use
Boost – Blend – Top

Add to your favorite beverage, smoothies, yogurt, cereal or dip.

Other Ingredients
Certified organic wheatgrass juice powder (triticum aestivum).

Storage Information: Refrigeration not required. Store in a cool dark, dry place.

Additional information

Weight 15.87 oz
Dimensions 29.97 × 24.89 × 12.7 cm


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