Carlo Pacific 1der Deals


Did you know that your 1Peso is worth more than 1Peso? Luckily, we’re giving away some of the best products for only 1Peso with our 1der Deals!

Terms and Conditions


Our goal is to make sure you think of Carlo Pacific first when it comes to authentic products at best prices. Our  1der Deals promo helps you snag authentic products not only at best prices, but at 1Peso. We give you more value than you can ever dream of! See below for details.

1. Carlo Pacific will feature authentic products for 1Peso.

2. Once you see it, you can snag it, as long as you’re a newly-registered buyer to first purchase the product. 

3. Because we’re so generous, we’ve got your shipping fee covered, if you’re based in Metro Manila. 

4. For products which are based in the Philippines, you will receive it after 2-3 days from purchase. For products which are based in the US, you will receive it after 8 days from purchase, as long as you purchase it by Wednesday. Add additional 8 days if the purchase is made afterwards. Thank you for your patience.

4. Pay 1Peso in cash upon delivery. (PayPal will not be accepted as mode of payment for 1der Deals promo.)

5. If you’re a buyer with a non-Metro Manila address, we’re sorry that we can’t share this 1der Deal yet, but we’re going to  deliver to non-Metro Manila areas soon. Send us a message at if you’re interested in other products listed in Carlo Pacific and we’ll create a special delivery arrangement for you. 

6. No returns are allowed, because who returns a 1Peso authentic product anyway?

This Carlo Pacific 1der Deals is subject to change without notice. Carlo Pacific reserves the right to refuse suspicious buyers in order to prevent fraud/abuse and ensure the integrity of the Carlo Pacific website. Any effort to circumvent these terms and conditions, commit fraud or abuse the promo, shall be strictly enforced. All other Carlo Pacific terms and conditions and policies apply. Effective as of October 10, 2017.